Prognostication (telling the future)- after the fact.

Hypothetical situation:

Your e-mail is out for an entire week and you have no phone or other source of communication with the outside world (for whatever reason). On the first day of your e-mail being unavailable, the day you discovered this horrendous fact, you had the overwhelming urge to send an overseas friend a message. In the message you would have told him to, let's say, avoid driving to the park (never question your gut). A week goes by, you get your e-mail access back up and running and you send the message, hoping beyond hope that you still have time to get the message to your friend, who is living in Holland and is utterly cut off from you otherwise.

An hour or so passes and you check your e-mail. There is a message from your friend in Holland, the one you wanted to warn of impending doom that awaits him at the park (or on the way to it). He says:

"Too late. I just got back from the hospital yesterday. I was in a nine-car pile-up on the way to my local park. I was hoping to play with my dog. My dog is dead now and I almost didn't make it myself. How did you know? Sorry to hear about your e-mail being down- especially since you might have been able to help me avoid my ordeal."

Question: Even though your little "prophecy" proved pointless because you couldn't share it with your friend, does that make it any less valid?

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