The actual movement of individuals, who have already adopted the idea or innovation, who carry it to a new locale, where they proceed to disseminate it. Religion frequently spreads this way. For example, the migration of Christianity with European settlers who came to America.

There are two types of relocation diffusion:
Transculturation - a form of acculturation in which the exchange of culture is equal, both cultures function as sources and adopters. The dominant culture contributes certain qualities to the smaller or weaker culture and also can adopt certain aspects of the weaker culture.
For example, when the Spanish overthrew the Aztec kingdom, Spanish culture prevailed in religion and the introduction of new crops. Aztec influences were absorbed into the Spanish culture also by means of Aztec motif in the architecture and clothing. Plus, Aztec crops were also brought back to Spain.

Migrant Diffusion - an innovation originates somewhere and is adopted briefly, but by the time is has diffused to other areas it has already lost its strength in the area in which it originated. Thus, there is no stable core area.
An example is influenza which might originate in China but by the time it reaches North America and Europe it has already faded away in China.

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