The world has many languages some overlap like Dutch and German. Within the languages you have dialects with are almost mini langauges. Dialects have the own verbs and some nouns but are largely akin to the langauge. Regional accents are more subtle still. They are alternative ways of pronouncing the same words. e.g. In northern Britain, people take baths to keep clean, in the south they take barths.

Britain has a vast number of accents, some of with are arguably dialects. These often confuse Americans, who think that all the English should sound like The Queen, Radio 4 presenters or cockneys.

The more obvious regional accents of Britain are:-

Cockney - A very small number of people in London have this accent although many Americans think that all Britains sound like this.
Scottish Accent split into Glaswegian Accent spoken by Rab C Nesbit and Edinburgh Accent spoken by Ewan McGregor
Geordie Accent spoken by Gazza in Newcastle
Liverpool accent spoken by the Beatles
Northumbrian Accent - Spoken by Melvin Bragg
Brummie Accent Spoken by Slade and Ozzy Osbourne in the West Midlands
Yorkshire accent Spoken by Micheal Palin
Somerset Accent Spoken by Pam Ayers and the Cadbury's Carmel Rabbit
Home Counties Accent spoken by Radio 4 presenters and people who live in London suburbia.

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