With the string, tie the tops of the glow sticks together by stringing the line through the holes at the top and tying a knot. You should have a nice ball of glowyness. If you haven't already, crack them and get your glow on. Tie your new glow-ball to the end of the fishing line (minus the hook!) and admire the effect. Then choose your spot.

The trickiest part is finding a good spot; good holes include outdoor raves, burning man, you get the idea. Placement is everything.

Cast as far as you can into the dark. You may employ a homemade slingshot for this, if you like. The farther out it goes, the better, since the prey could be spooked by your presence.

Reel in slowly, with plenty of chaotic jerks and cute wiggles. If you're lucky, a tripper will be following the trailers of his newfound toy. Sometimes your prey will try to make off with the bait; generally it's best to send a friend out to distract/kidnap the target.

Remember, messing with trippers (even ravers) is a fast way to break someone's psyche. Be careful and kind, but have your fun.

No ravers were harmed in the researching of this node.

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