A sincere and tasty way to give a healthy diet the finger. Queso flameado consists of basically two parts: chorizo and queso. Served in many taquerias in Texas, you get a bowl of chorizo and queso (monterrey jack or mozarella) served with tortillas. You scoop the cheese and sausage mixture into the tortillas and eat away. I advise any takers of this appetizer to order with a few people who will eat it (preventing you from eating the entire bowl of the bi-grease indulgence.) Or if you'd like to make it yourself:

1. Fry chorizo and try to remove fat as you fry (pay close attention to chorizo instructions when bought from a store.)
2. Add chili powder or paprika to add flavor to the chorizo
3. Place chorizo and enough monterrey jack queso in a pot and heat it until the cheese bubbles.
4. Serve with corn or flour tortillas
5. Enjoy

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