QH-LAN is a LAN party in Sweden, traditionally held once a year, sometimes twice. It is one of the few remaining glories of the FPS game Quake/QuakeWorld released in 1996.

To attend QH-LAN has become an honor, and to win QH-LAN would make you immortal in Quake history. The first QH-LAN (named after the Quake-a-Holics clan whose members organize it) was held around 2001, and it began one of the first major rivalries: between dag and griffin. Then reppie made history, then dag returned, then a certain mutilator who played quake for more than half his life, and very recently in 2010 rikoll and milton. That's 6 victors total out of thousands and thousands of competitors who have attended over a decade and counting. Lower tier tourneys also have their place, and there is an even more grand 2on2 and 4on4 tradition which would take yet longer to describe.

The LAN is fully community supported with minimal sponsorship, unlike the bastions of commerce such as ESWC or QuakeCon (which could be a bad thing or a good thing) and recently has acquired partnership with the CS/SC LAN organizer hazard.nu. More information can be gleaned from QHLAN info site.

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