The Frag Dolls are an all-female team of competitive gamers employed by Ubisoft. They come from all over the United States, and their goals are to promote women in gaming, encourage more girls to play video games, and re-define the image of girl gamers. Each of the Frag Dolls posts a weekly blog on the Frag Dolls website.

The Frag Dolls compete in professional tournaments, including MLG, and appear at various conferences targeted at women in gaming. They specialize in first person shooters, especially those for the Xbox 360. They also participate in Frag Doll Friday, where Xbox Live members can play online with the Frag Dolls.

Following the success of the (American) Frag Dolls, Ubisoft decided to recruit in the UK and France for two new teams of Frag Dolls. However, the UK and French Frag Dolls teams were both disbanded soon after. The American team remains active.

The Frag Dolls occasionally hold casting calls to recruit new members. After the 2009 Casting Call, in which they recruited two new members, the Frag Dolls also began a Frag Doll Cadette program. The purpose of the Cadette program is to train new member hopefuls in the aspects of gaming, and to give them more knowledge about Ubisoft, in order to better prepare them for the next casting call.

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