The false fraternity Pi Tau Zeta, on the second floor of the West Parallel of East Campus (better known as Fred the Dorm) at MIT. Historically, Second West was one of the last all-male halls in East Campus, and they renamed themselves as a pun off of the Yiddish meaning. Today, PTZ is co-ed, one of the more active halls in intramural activities, and notorious for their inflatable body parts displayed during Rush.

Putz should not be interchanged with schmuck. They both generally mean penis, but with an important distinction: a shmuck is a hard penis, while a putz is a limp one. This difference carries over into the words' typical use as slang - to refer to a person. A shmuck is a person who lets his (or her virtual) dick lead him/her around, while a putz is an ineffectual wimp.

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