The original cut of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker was deemed too extreme for a young audience and was heavily edited by the fine folks at Warner. Here's a list of changes originally provided by "Dick Grayson" at the World's Finest News Site and reproduced all over the net.

There are massive spoilers below! Do not read any further if you have not seen Batman Beyond: ROTJ!

  1. 1st fight scene trimmed and altered. Dee Dee fight scene noticeably trimmed, as well as the "pan around" sequence.

  2. The scene showing the Batarang beheading a Two-Face dummy is cut out.

  3. "Putzes" changed to "Yutzes" during Joker intro scene.

  4. Bonk isn't shot, but gassed, and dies offscreen, which is evident when his laughing stops.

  5. Because of the above, the whole "Dee Dee, take out the trash" and "Are you with me?" sequences are cut.

  6. "I don't know why the boss wants a dreg like you outta the way, but as long as it's fun" Chucko line cut, as well as the scene where he punches Terry. Also, punch from Terry to Chucko while on route to save Dana is cut.

  7. Dana's injuries downgraded to "one bump and a couple cuts".

  8. In Flashback, the usual Batgirl "hooker" contacts, last scene in THE ULTIMATE THRILL, are changed to a guy and girl.

  9. "Joker Jr." laugh is cut extremely short.

  10. Batman's knife is digitally removed as he breaks from his bindings.

  11. The scene showing Batman throwing his knife at the Joker is cut.

  12. Batgirl/Harley fight trimmed by one punch.

  13. Joker dialogue altered from "All too soon the serums and the shocks took their toll..." to "All too soon...".

  14. More than half of "OUR FAMILY MEMORIES" are cut, mainly the scene showing Joker opening the barbecue, grabbing voltage tongs, and shocking Robin.

  15. All blood from the movie is digitally removed.

  16. Joker no longer slashes Batman across the chest and stabs him in the leg with a knife. The knife is digitally removed and just punches Batman. (Note: The leg stabbing is the cause of the elder Wayne's limp).

  17. Joker's "Make me proud" changed to "Make him one of us."

  18. Batman's "Tim..." moan is cut.

  19. The Joker trips in water and is electrocuted, instead of being shot by an insane Tim Drake.

  20. Barbara's dialogue is altered from: "We buried Joker deep beneath Arkham..." to "...And for Robin's sake, he kept that night a secret...", therefore not directly mentioning Joker's death.

  21. Barbara's dialogue is altered from "…she helped him back to sanity" to "...she helped Tim back to himself."

  22. "Amy" sequence on the Wayne yacht cut.

  23. Jordan Price's dialogue changed from "...bunglers tried to kill Wayne" to "...bunglers tried to ice Wayne".

  24. Bruce's dialogue altered from "Robin did kill him" to "Robin defeated him".

  25. Tim Drake's dialogue altered from "Oh god, I killed him" to "Oh god, I did it". Also, "I can still hear the shot" changed to "I can still hear his scream". And "I can still see his dead body" changed to "I can still see his frozen smile".

  26. Tim Drake's dialogue changed from "It's a killer" to "It's a doozy".

  27. And finally -- "Bat-Fart" changed to "Bat-Kook".

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