New York based metal band.

Prong's lead singer/guitarist Tommy Victor worked as a sound engineer at CBGB in the mid 80s, and in 1986 he probably had seen enough live bands to know exactly what was missing from the scene, and formed Prong. It may not be the most original metal band, but they have a distinctive, stripped-down, harsh sound well worth checking out.

Other members of the band are bassist Paul Raven (of Killing Joke, and Murder Inc.), and Theodore Parsons (ex-Swans and Godflesh) on drums and percussion.

Prong (?), n. [Cf. D. prangen to pinch, press, LG. prange a stick, or W. procio to thrust, E. prowl, pang.]


A sharp-pointed instrument.

Prick it on a prong of iron. Sandys.


The tine of a fork, or of a similar instrument; as, a fork of two or three prongs.

3. Zool. (a)

A sharp projection, as of an antler.


The fang of a tooth.


© Webster 1913.

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