The 2nd Album by British Rock band - Terrorvision brought them to fame in 1994. Perhaps fame is a strong took them from being small print info in the middle of Kerrang! to being front cover news on Kerrang. Which was a start.

It starts with the immediately catchy Alice, what's the matter?, which sets the mood button straight over to "bouncy", a theme which is amplified by the amazing Oblivion which rolls on in straight afterwards. You are allowed to catch your breath for a moment as Stop the Bus funks around your stereo, setting the groove for the dance-a-mania that is Discoteque Wreck. The light and groovy middleman flows through airwaves, allowing you the time to appreciate all the fun you've had so far, and this goes well with the start of the sing-a-long Still the Rhythm. We finish things off with the gentle Ten Shades of Grey. As it came out in 1994, I hadn't yet got a CD player, so at this point the tape ends. I like that about tapes. Side A is done. A mini album in its own right.

Side B was never as good in my opinion, lyrically great, the music slips into the filler department once or twice. Especially with Stab in the back, not one of Terrorvision's finest moments it has to be said, but the bounce fest begins once more with Pretend Best Friend and all is forgiven, but shock horror, another weak track rears its head, Time O The Signs. It's a good song, its just dwarfed by the rest of this album, and interupts an otherwise perfect finishing flow. Terrorvision pull What the doctor ordered from out of nowhere, and this lifts the mood once more. The gorgeous Some People Say is a great song to wrap up with, but Tony and crew are not done with us just yet.

What Makes You Tick is our closing song. And although not excellent, it ends absolutely perfectly, making the Album complete. A fine production job Gil Norton!


  1. Alice What's The Matter
  2. Oblivion
  3. Stop The Bus
  4. Discotheque Wreck
  5. Middleman
  6. Still The Rhythm
  7. Ten Shades Of Grey
  8. Stab In The Back
  9. Pretend Best Friend
  10. Time O The Signs
  11. What The Doctor Ordered
  12. Some People Say
  13. What Makes You Tick
produced by Gil Norton
engineered by Al Clay
assistant engineer: Mike Cyr
programmer: Mark Phythian

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