The ultimate proof of the triumph of the nerds, the Promised Lot is the answer to E3 that Gathering of Developers (GOD Games) unveiled at E3 1999. GOD felt its personality had been lost in the massive corporate showcase that is E3 in 1998... so...

Come 1999, in Los Angeles, right across the street from the E3 entrance stood the Promised Lot... the anti-E3. The lot featured gritty games like Rune, Max Payne, and KISS: Psycho Circus, lots and lots of beer, scantily-clad women, porn star and Heavy Metal actress Julie Strain, and even a Playboy playmate.

Unlike the beauracratic nightmare and restrictive, almost Nazi-like policies that are synonymous with E3, GOD displayed their games to one and all in an open and friendly manner. Instead of merely sucking up to the media, GOD targetted their fans.

This year, GOD returns to the intersection of Pico and Figueroa streets in Los Angeles with the Promised Lot.

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