Anytime you hear a station ID or bumper played from a cart on the radio, you're hearing the work of a production manager of a radio station. Their job is to produce new content through the studio. Production managers are almost exclusively geeky, and they need to be, considering the kinds of things that they must deal with to do their jobs. Lots of electronics, and in the olden days, lots and lots of splicing tape. XLR connector grounding specifications and pyramiding tracks are all part of the productions manager's day. Dealing with pops from on-air talent who don't know how to use microphones. Coordinating their schedules so they'll come in to do their promos. Fun fun fun.

It's all worth it, though, when a station you haven't worked at in over a decade still plays one of your station ID carts on a regular basis, and it still sounds goooood.

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