Everything has a probability field ... it was first discovered between electrons ... when they were fired between a double slit ... it distorted the pattern on a screen so it went like this:

| | | | |

where the dark lines are interfering parts and the light bits are where the electron pattern is constructive.
due to the light being made of photons and not being waves. the conclusion that there must be a probability field around the electrons was brought forward.
The probability field allows the photon to know that there is another slit in the vacinity. This allows the photons path to be changed and act like a wave, thus producing the interference pattern shown

This also applies to other things. For example ... a humans probability field may decide which door of two it goes through (however the probability of this happening is very slim, because it has to happen to every particle our body is made of and not just the body as a whole)
using this principal, it makes a great excuse for walking into the wrong room .. like this:

Oh I am terribly sorry... as i was meant to walk into the other room, my probability field diffracted me into this room.

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