Prickly heat, if you have never suffered from it, can be quite unnerving. In my case it felt like sudden attacks by invisible mosquitos. Since at the moment I found myself in the Tropics, I was more than ready to believe that there were nearly invisible insects attacking my neck. Or, faut de mieux, that I had a horrible nerve disease that manifested itself by the individual explosion of faulty pain neurons.

It is also worth noting that the blisters can also be invisible or very hard to see.

The advice given by Modern Angel is all good. See also hyperhidrosis.

Prickly Heat was the name of a 1980's band in New York, sporting an eclectic mixture of punk, metal, and hair-band rock that was popular during that time. All of the music was co-written with most of the band chipped in ridiculous lyrics. "The Dead Rose" made fun of the ever-present Bette Midler tune with lyrics like "Some say love is a bear ripping apart a helpless camper." Other oddball hits included "Nuke the Whales" and the twenty-minute tune "Guess Which Of Us Is Stoned". Their strange stylings and humorous lyrics achieved regional radio airplay in the northeastern United States.

The band members were:

The band produced two studio albums and one recorded live. The official reason the group gave when they disbanded was because "(they) fucking grew up". I used to enjoy playing their first album on CD while driving with my kids when they kept fighting in the back seat. Ten seconds into the first track they were too busy holding their hands over their ears.

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