A genre of music defined more by its lyrical content than by the musical style. The primary purpose of praise & worship music is for the congregation of a church to sing at a church service in praise to God. Praise & worship songs are similar to hymns, but they're usually simpler and more recently written than most songs "officially" known as hymns, although a number of praise & worship songs such as Michael W. Smith's "Great Is the Lord" and Twila Paris' "We Bow Down" have appeared in recently published hymnals. There has recently been a push among CCM labels to publish "modern worship" albums--recorded praise & worship that isn't done in an "easy listening" style. Some of the artists at the front of this trend were Delirious, Sonicflood, and Matt Redman. Since much of it is just following a trend, some of its good, and some of its mediocre, but at least maybe it's helping more people to realize that they don't need to be at church to worship God.

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