A NetHack potion that heals a substantial amount of damage when quaffed. It is second only to the potion of full healing in curative power.

The uncursed version heals 8d6 points of damage and cures sickness, blindness, and hallucination. The blessed version does the same, but cures 8d8 points of damage. In either case, if this would put you over your maximum number of hit points, 2 (5 if blessed) are added to your maximum. Cursed, the potion cures 4d8 points of damage and cures blindness or hallucination, but not sickness.

If this potion is quaffed by a monster, it heals the monster of a similar quantity of damage and gives it more maximum hp if applicable. It will also cure the monster of blindness.

If this potion is thrown and hits its target, the target is healed to maximum hit points (but no ailments are cured). Inhaling the vapors from a thrown potion heals you of 2 points of damage.

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