POSSIE - People for Open, Safe and Secure Internet Email

A group of Java developers and enthusiasts who aren't too pleased about Microsoft's "covert" toying with the default Internet security settings for Windows XP. These settings, if left in place, classify Java as "High Security". With that classification, and over-zealous system administrators setting their network's workstations' security level to "High", Java applets will be prevented from running in Internet Explorer. In other words, "no cute-water-effect banners for you". Of course, the hypothesized reason for this setting is so that Microsoft can push their .NET technology over Java.

This is all rather twisted, if you think about it: a group lobbying for default settings in a piece of software in the same way that one might lobby for laws for your government. Scary thought there.

paraphrased from http://www.possie.org/

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