(Kind of shocked that there are people who don't know what a polymer is!)

Most plastics are polymers, as is hair and (perhaps) bathplug chains.

  • Linear Polymers (like hair - which is actually a rope of keratin fibres (which are coiled-coils of helices!)) are chains; a linked list is a polymer in a sense.
  • Dendritic Polymers are like starfish. From a central hub, chains radiate outwards, branching repeatedly. The humble skoosh ball resembles a large dendritic polymer.
  • Living Polymers, Block Co-Polymers, Self-Assembling Photonic Band Gap Polymers. I wouldn't worry about them.

    In summary, polymers are strings made from monomers (letters?).

Pol"y*mer (?), n. [See Polymeric.] Chem.

Any one of two or more substances related to each other by polymerism; specifically, a substance produced from another substance by chemical polymerization.

[Formerly also written polymere.]


© Webster 1913.

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