Play money, also known as fake money and Monopoly money, is non-negotiable currency used for games mostly. You can also find play money that looks rather realistic and is commonly used in movie productions. These bills have some method to note they are not real money, like unusual colors, the word "copy" on them, or even "for motion picture use only" stamped on them.

For the game variety, they're used as part of the play strategy, such as the player with the most money wins at the end of the game. Play money is also useful for smaller children who are past the "put everything in your mouth and eat it" stage. It can teach them numbers, math, currency denominations, and how to make change.

I picked up $10,000US in hundred dollar bills from Amazon recently. They look surprisingly accurate except for that little "copy" note in the corner and the obvious normal paper instead of the rag they use for real bills. I give them out at conventions when someone buys my books. They make great bookmarks and have my social media info stamped on the front.

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