I live on a boat on the Norfollk Broads. We have a thing called the Broads Authority. They are a quango set up by the Thatcher administration during the seventies and wield executive control over a considerable area of eastern England, including aspects of our private lives. They represent much that I find abhorrent. They probably think the same about me.

As a no-budget film-maker with professional experience in social regeneration I have the opportunity to apply for funding to produce a documentary centered on boat life.

This is exciting because I can promote sail power, permaculture, traditional boat building, and many other aspects of low-impact living. It will of course be a whole load of fun hanging out with my mates on boats in the countryside.

Tackling hypocrisy and xenophobia is going to be harder work.

Even amongst the pages of E2 I notice that someone has inaccurately stated that the Norfolk Broads are a National Park. One of the reasons that the broads were rejected National Park status was that the wind generators on houseboats weren't visually suitable. The BA have been attempting to pass legislation giving them the power to destroy peoples floating homes if the BA don't like the look of them, and to make connection to mains electricity for houseboats compulsory.

My own vessel sports a handsome home-made wind generator.

Half the potential funding would be via the BA (SDF handout from DEFRA). So I have to talk nicely to the same people who want to get rid of me, to get them to pay me to question their existence.

It's not quite catch 22 but there probably is a word for it.

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