As Wonky prepared for a shopping expedition he couldn't help but notice that yet another jar of marmite had disappeared in under 24hrs."Better have a word with Ogg" he mused, not without some concern.

The sticky brown smears around Oggs gob confirmed wonky's suspicions,"Ah Ogg my dear fellow, there you are" he lilted musically in a manner that can only be performed by the truly insane."Ugh"came the familiar deep guttural response,"the reality editor's working perfectly now, just press this", Wonky gestured to a space on the wall just to the right of the larder door,"oh, just a moment". He tinkered secretly with a smallish hand-held silver device.

Now on the wall there was a large round green button, curiously giving the impression that it had always been there. A large hairy backed appendage flumped on the approximate area. It was accurate enough, the door swung open to reveal a fresh jar of marmite on the shelf."Uuuuuh," exclaimed Ogg enthusiastically.

The thing about editing reality is that it's best done a bit at a time.

The WonkyX reality editor is now available as a free download to anywhere, on anything

Proceed with caution as my dog just coughed up an entire universe.

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