An oath-signifying action which usually occurs between two persons after one has asked of the other, "pinky swear?" The person asked will then assent to the pinky swear, either with a gesture (e.g. a nod or smile) or a verbal affirmation. Both participants will then curl all of his/her fingers EXCEPT the pinky finger as if to make a fist, but the pinky remains extended. Usually each swearer will do this with her right hand only (as is customary with the ordinary handshake)*. They bring their right hands in front of them, and link pinkies and shake their hands. Eye contact is also usually made at this point for good measure. After a moment (five to ten seconds should do the trick) clasped in this manner, there is release and the pinky swear ritual has been completed.

The pinky swear is most commonly acted out between those under the age of twelve, and usually between females**. A pinky swear should not be taken lightly. The contract is serious, and not to be broken. Breaking of a pinky swear oath may result in screaming, crying, yelling, loss of friendship, loss of trust, and/or retaliation by either or both of the participants.

The pinky swear (as seen on the television show Full House) may also be called a pinky promise.

*In some situations the gravity of a promise may require a double-pinky swear
**It is not unheard of, however, for those who are older or male to participate in pinky swearing

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