Uhhh... (*gulp*)

Age is just a number (at least when it's not so low as to draw the attention of the authorities). No problem. My parents' age difference is even larger than ours.

The religion thing? I'd actually planned to jump ship and join the papists (once I'm no longer sleeping on the Couches of Gotham), but the small church wedding sounds fine.

It's awfully cold in Alaska, or Albania, or Atlantis -- wherever it is you've chosen to place yourself. I forgot. When you get to be my age, you'll find yourself confusing your Austrias and your Abyssinias, just you wait! But I digress. I have no winter clothing for such a place.

That 30% discount on books sounds wonderful -- I'll work on the list shortly. That would leave more money for Cuban cigars and trips to Morocco.

While I do have the occasional fondness for noshing on dead aminals, I'm not too keen on cooking them; some good hummus and a baguette is better anyway. Especially with coffee. And a Cuban cigar.

It would be awfully cold out there in Akron (or was it Amarillo?), so I'm a bit worried about the prospect of having to smoke those cigars outside. But I'll just dress warmly and suck it up and learn to handle those Australian winters.

...but when last I checked, knifegirl was sharpening her Swiss Army Knife -- she's a killing machine with that thing, just like the soldiers of the real Swiss Army. Plus she was doing some sort of inventory of her martial-arts hardware. "For old times' sake", she said, before muttering some other stuff and staring into space with a hint of that long-lost bloodlust in her eyes.

Are you sure about that blessing thing? I guess in a worst-case scenario, I can always avail myself of the services of the Noder Protection Program.

But happily ever after certainly appeals to me muchly. I'll have to give this some thought, consult the priests, lawyers, bookies, and derelicts who constitute my brain trust, and formulate my reply to this most wonderful offer.

Or is this one of those October Fools' Day jokes? I'm always getting caught by those.

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