Compiled overview of the 100 ton Pillager 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

The success of its Victor design led HildCo Interplanetary Inc. to develop a larger version of that BattleMech for city assaults and defense, either standing alone or as part of a lance. That 'Mech was the Pillager. Built during the Reunification War, the Pillager enjoyed great success with the SLDF and helped turn the tide of that conflict in the Star League's favor. The destruction of the facilities that made its advanced systems kept the Pillager out of production from the end of the Second Succession War, but the decoding of the Gray Death memory core provided HildCo's engineers with the knowledge their predecessors had lost. HildCo recently restarted production of the Pillager at it's plant on St. Ives.

The PLG-3Z Pillager presents an intimidating sight. It uses the 100 ton HildCo Heavy Type VIIQT, the largest BattleMech chassis ever constructed by HildCo. The new Vlar 300 XL engine gives the Pillager the same top speed as the Atlas but at half the weight, allowing for the installation of heavier weapons and armor. The Pillager's main weapons are its two Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifles, a Defiance B3L Large Laser and four Veres Arms Medium Lasers. All of them tied-in nicely with a C-Apple Churchill Targeting System.

The Pillager's nineteen tons of Star Slab/9.5 Mk II Armor give it excellent protection. Fourteen double heat sinks keep the modern day Pillager cool-indeed. The Pillager is also equipped with HildCo Model 13 jump jets that allow it to leap up to ninety meters.

HildCo has already completed four production runs of the Pillager and has begun a fifth. The biggest customer so far has been the St. Ives Compact Military. The St. Ives government has announced plans to sell the Pillager to mercenary units in the near future.

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Pil"la*ger (?), n.

One who pillages.



© Webster 1913.

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