Photogrammetry is the science of measuring two- or three-dimensional objects using only "photogrammes" (realistically, photogrammes is just a fancy word for photographs, but in this day and age, the images used for the measurements are just as likely to be digital pictures or images from video or CCD cameras or scanners as they are to be actual photographs).

The principle advantage of measurements done through photogrammetry is that one can obtain highly accurate results without actually touching the object being measured. This is very useful for creating maps of particularly large objects or terrains using aerial photogrammetry, or for architects or civil engineers trying to survey the status of buildings, etc.

Pho`to*gram"me*try (?), n. [Photogram + metry.]

A method of surveying or map making by photography, used also in determining the height and motions of clouds, sea waves, and the like.


© Webster 1913

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