Photobucket ( is a free image (and recently video) hosting website that not only gives you a quick and easy way to get images on to the internet, but also allows for the creation of photo albums and slideshows for easy access and organization. It currently hosts over 6 billion images.

It is most often used to create personal photo albums which allow you to send a quick link to grandma to see your pictures from summer vacation, but also allows for password protection on albums so she can't go look at the other albums you have with pictures of you running naked through the streets after a night of drinking.

Aside from its obvious purpose of creating photo albums, it is often used for the storage of avatars and other assorted images people use in internet forums. Users from sites such as eBay, MySpace, Livejournal, and other blogs and message boards often use photobucket to display images when the site in question doesn't have the means to host images for their members.

With the free account option, you are given 1 GB of storage and 25 GB of monthly bandwidth. There is a paid version which gives the user several extra features such as unmetered bandwidth, SWF file support, 10 GB of storage, etc. However, for the average user, it's best to just make a second account if the need arises.

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