Of or pertaining to any form of racing - an expression for a race that is too close to call with the naked eye, requiring the use of a high shutter speed camera capturing the pack crossing the line to decide which one actually broke the plane of the finish line first.

Pertaining to human bathroom habits, a combination of urgency to poop (either because of diarrhea or a heavy amount of fecal matter in the chamber) combined with a delayed access to a commode such that the body risks involuntarily releasing its hold on said fecal matter before the person is denuded enough and adjacent enough to said commode to evacuate the bowels properly. In many cases the anus twitches like a rabbit's nose and starts to release the Kraken even as the rapidly descending pants are still at mid-thigh, making a rapid drop downwards onto the seat an immediate necessity.

It's a euphemism for a genuine case where a split second longer would result in cleanup in aisle 4 not just a relative urgency to go.

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