"Paska", pronounced "pas-kah" is one of famous Finnish curses and it literally translates to shit.

As a curse, it is considered to be significantly softer than the famous "perkele" (translated to Satan) and - in a way - much more mature than its teenage counterpart "vittu" (translated to fuck).

While paska is a relatively mild curse - some might even say that it isn't a curse at all - it's possibly one of the most versatile Finnish curses there is.

The word "paska" has always meant "shit", but it hasn't been considered as a swear forever: for example, during the middle ages paska was possibly the only word for shit.

So, the word can be used traditionally, referring to a person's anal functions:

"Kävin paskalla vessassa" - I just shitted in a toilet

Of course, all typical references to foul smell can be used, for example

"Äitis haisee paskalta" - Your momma smells like shit

Also references to bad luck can be made:

"Kävi paska mäihä" - (roughly translated:) Things got shitty.

"Auto meni paskaksi" - (roughly:) Car's engine went shitty.

But the real treat of this Finnish curse comes here! It can be used very creatively in various phrases and sayings, which are familiar to Finnish people but unknown and even strange to foreign people.

Take a note that most of these phrases are considered to be funny even inside Finland and their meaning is just as vague as they sound.

So, by learning some of the following phrases you can fine-tune your folkloristic skills, impress your (Finnish) friends or - on the other hand - make a social blunder and become isolated from your friends, family, dog and three male lovers. So, enjoy.

(Note: following translations are rough and somewhat silly. So are the Finns.)

"Paska haisee ja banjo soi" - Shit smells while banjo plays.

"Paska nakki." - Shitty weiner.

"Ei tullut lasta eikä paskaakaan." - Didn't make a child nor shit

"Paskalan päiväkirjassa kerrottua" - As told in the diary of Mr. Shit

"Torniolaisten paska haisee, kevät on tullut Tornioon" - The shit of people of (the city of) Tornio smells, spring has arrived to Tornio

"Ootte pasce" - (Polite) You are chít."

"Paska haisee - taitaa tuulla Tampereelta" - Shit smells - I guess the wind's blowing from Tampere

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