Par"a*mour (?), n. [F. par amour, lit., by or with love. See 2d Par, and Amour.]


A lover, of either sex; a wooer or a mistress (formerly in a good sense, now only in a bad one); one who takes the place, without possessing the rights, of a husband or wife; -- used of a man or a woman.

The seducer appeared with dauntless front, accompanied by his paramour Macaulay.


Love; gallantry.

[Obs.] "For paramour and jollity."



© Webster 1913.

Par"a*mour`, Par"a*mours` (?), adv.

By or with love, esp. the love of the sexes; -- sometimes written as two words.


For par amour, I loved her first ere thou. Chaucer.


© Webster 1913.

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