Overclocking the National Semiconductor 200 Mhz GX1 processor on your 3Com Audrey net appliance is rather easy although soldering and electronics experience is very much required:

First, remove the resistor marked R140. (If you are scratching your head already, this probably isn't for you) Secondly, remove resistor R139 and put it where R140 used to be. Be Careful! This is the trickiest part and where the experience is very helpful. Finally, take resistors R176 and R213 off. That's it!

This little modification will increase your processor speed 133 Mhz to 333. This pretty significant gain will mean faster web page loading and the ability to watch Flash animation without it being choppy.

Notice: I just overclocked my Audrey yesterday and it has been running wonderfully. You are not me, though, and my Audrey is not your Audrey. Don't do this if you are in any way worried or question your abilities. Finally, the overclocked processor will produce much more heat than before - it would probably be wise to pick up a heatsink and maybe even make a hole in the case for better air flow...or just leave the case off like me.

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