I'm drinking right now. Its helped me to see something I have been hinting all around for most of my life but haven't placed perfectly as I have at this moment.

We, as humans, have this remarkable ability to reason and rationalize anything. Our minds are capable of processing extremely difficult and confusing problems in order to procure a very real and understandable solution. I was thinking about how powerful each individual feels about various aspects of his existence -- some find money extremely attractive and pursue that with all their power; others find intellect and the pursuit of knowledge their ultimate longing. Still others crave companionship and love. Irregardless of one's own cravings, humans ALL feel very strongly and deeply about whatever it may be that moves them.

Most of us (and I'll throw a figure to you -- 99.9%) will not amount to anything worthwile. We won't cure cancer. We won't coach our team to 5 championships. We won't solve warp travel. We won't lead our company to becoming the #1 retailer of software in the world. We will simply live our lives how we see fit. Eating, drinking, loving, hating, spending, sleeping, and thinking. Does this make us any less viable? Don't we all come from the same point in space and time? Didn't our existence spawn from a single moment, forever binding us to each other?

Now imagine space. Its seemingly never-ending emptiness is there for anyone to stare into. Imagine all the importances in your life and try to realize this is the exact same for over 6 billion more of your kind. Now imagine that for all of the creations on this marvelous planet -- the snakes, the plants, the birds... I want you realize that this could and most likely IS occurring on some other planet in some other system much like ours. The universe is HUGE. Do you feel how minute you are in a place this overwhelming? Can you see how insignificant your slight, 2 foot by 6 foot area incorporates in an almost infinite space? There are too many powerful thoughts and feelings each and every one of us possess to be able to compare ourselves to the nothingness of our actuality. We are all but an extremely small token of the totality of our universe. Magnify our thoughts, feelings, experiences and emotions to the most grand scale that would be our universe and what do you arrive at?

The answer to that lies somewhere we haven't been. Somewhere we haven't felt. Somewhere we haven't thought or ever will in our lives. The answer is so unbelievably incredible we cannot hope to achieve it. Each of us is a part of what I speak of, if only for a number of years. Then, like the never-ending emptiness of space, we are gone.

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