The Windows NT / Windows 2000 version of nmap. It can be downloaded from

Due to limitiations on the Windows TCP/IP stack you have to install an extra protocol stack to enable packet sniffing. This is included in the distribution file, or can be downloaded from

As this extra step isn't used on *nix, to install the packet driver follow these steps

  1. Goto the properties for your network card.
  2. You will want to install a new "protocol". Click the browse button.
  3. Load the drivers from navigate to \Nmapnt\DRIVERS\PacketNT (NT4) or to \Nmapnt\DRIVERS\Packet2K (Win2k)
  4. Click ok and confirm out of the network dialog boxes.
  5. Restart your computer.

If you have two network cards you must disable the packet driver on the card you do not want to sniff on, even if the second network card is disabled.

Now simply fire up nmapnt and play at being a script kiddy

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