I was playing my N64 on my television tuner card when I got a killer idea. Video game emulation is good and great and all for games over the internet, but what if there was something that plugged into my controller cable and then into my controller port on the N64, and had an ethernet port? So then it plugs into an ethernet hub were it gets an Internet connection through an ip masquerade gateway, and streams my controller signals to another gamer elsewhere in the world. Then likewise I can recieve his controller signals via a second ethernet device that plugs into my second controller port on the console! That would be awesome! I could play Goldeneye over TCP/IP!!

tftv256's suggestion (mirroring input devices to each console via TCP/IP) would not work well except over a tiny LAN, where it would be pretty much superfluous. Console games depend on input device latency of less than 10 ms. Good luck getting that kind of ping time over any nontrivial connection (DSL, cable, dial-up modem). The games will fall out of sync even before the game starts. Besides, the random number generators on both consoles will not be seeded the same, resulting in random events (item respawn, player respawn locations, hits and misses) falling way out of sync. You really need a game designed for client/server. These have appeared on at least the Dreamcast, the PlayStation 2, and the Xbox.

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