Command used on MicroSoft platforms to display the statistics on current TCP/IP connections using NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT).
Handy for troubleshooting NetBIOS issues on a Windows machine.

The syntax is:

>NBTSTAT [-a RemoteName] [-A IP address] [-c] [-n] [-r] [-R] [-s] [S] [interval]

The switches are:

  • -a   Lists remote machine's name table
  • -A   Lists remote machine's name table
  • -c   Lists current system's remote name cache
  • -n   Lists local NetBIOS names
  • -r   Lists names resolved by broadcast via WINS
  • -R   Purges and reloads the remote name cache table
  • -S   Lists the sessions table with the destination IP addresses
  • -s   Lists sessions table converting destination IP addresses to host names via the hosts file.

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