Fungi which can have a symbiotic relationship with many species of plants. However, mycorrhizae can sometimes turn parasitic and bleed plants of photosynthates without giving anything in return !

There are endo-, ecto-, and vesicular-arbuscular types of mycorrhizae.

Mycorrhizae may consist of one of many different types of fungi. Their form and association with the host plant varies according to mycorrhizae type. There are many different important types of mycorrhizae. Ericoid mycorrhizae break down organic matter and rarely extend far beyond the root they infect. Ectomycorhizal type mycorrhizae extend large amounts of hyphae into the soil and uptake both organic and inorganic nutrients. Arbuscular mycorrhizae extend compact structures known as arbuscules into the soil and generally uptake minerals such as phosphorous. These three are the most notable but several other types also exist. Mycorrhizae generally consist of Basidiomycota or Ascomycota, but may also include Zygomycota.

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