1. Everyone knows that unicorns
  2. aren't really real, but if they
  3. were my friend would remind
  4. me of one. Her hair is like 
  5. the softest golden silk, her
  6. skin is truly alabaster, are
  7. her lashes longer, or darker?
  8. It's always hard to say.


  1. When another friend of mine
  2. was sobbing over a guy who
  3. played some games with her
  4. my unicorn friend bought 
  5. flowers for her. I got flowers
  6. when I had babies and once
  7. or twice a guy gave them to 
  8. me, I was in awe of that gift.


  1. No matter what I tell my 
  2. unicorn friend she seems
  3. to magically understand,
  4. except for the time I tried
  5. to explain what foolish
  6. pride was to her. She
  7. doesn't have any, that's
  8. how I know she's a unicorn.


  1. My unicorn friend always
  2. smells good. She eats soup
  3. with oyster crackers and 
  4. smiles her artifice free
  5. grin as if she's surrounded
  6. by a forest glade of
  7. enchanted delights
  8. instead of upstairs at work.


  1. Before I met her I didn't
  2. believe that anyone could
  3. be so wonderfully empathetic
  4. and carefree, spontaneous,
  5. silly, supportive, full of
  6. positivity, warmth, and
  7. scented like the bubbles
  8. she loves to put in her bath.


  1. People have told me that
  2. I take life way too seriously,
  3. I don't know how others
  4. are feeling because a lot
  5. of the time I can't figure
  6. out what to call my emotions.
  7. My unicorn friend bursts into
  8. tears when others do, it's cool.


  1. I want to do something
  2. really special for her, but
  3. what do you give a mythical
  4. creature who doesn't seem
  5. to care about possessions?
  6. I wish I had a way to say,
  7. hey, you're like baseball,
  8. only better. Is that lame?


  1. I have a feeling that I
  2. could shop from now until
  3. the world ends without
  4. finding a gift that would
  5. be special enough for her.
  6. The best thing is, I know
  7. she will understand and
  8. not even care if she doesn't
  9. receive a thing. That's how
  10. I know,
  11. she really is
  12. a real live true unicorn.
  13. For Abby, who was born on the thirteenth. Xoxo...

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