• Colloquial term for unusually pale skin, most frequently used to describe the pallor of a person who avoids nearly all contact with the Sun's skin-coloring ultraviolet radiation because of either confinement (in a hospital or prison) or lifestyle (graveyard-shift workers and many bohemians).

    On November 29th, 1999, a listener to the radio program Earth and Sky asked if it was possible for a person standing on the Earth to get a tan from the sunlight reflected by the Moon, and was told that this would be impossible, since the Moon absorbs far more than it reflects of the high-energy range (which includes UV) of the spectrum of light. Even if you stood in moonlight all night, every night, your skin would repair the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation faster than it could accumulate.

  • Album by Dutch band Golden Earring, released in 1973 in Holland and in 1974 in USA; includes the band's biggest hit single, "Radar Love".

  • Novel by New Zealand-born, Australia-residing Alan Clay, published in 1994, about the adventures of a white-face clown who tries to juggle romance and social activism.

  • Album to be released in September 2001 by Evan Johns and Hillbilly Soul Surfers, named for one of its tracks.

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