A very spectacular looking move in professional wrestling.

To accomplish a moonsault: The victim is usually lying a few feet away from one of the turnbuckles, with his feet pointing ninety degrees away from it ("perpendicular" would seem to apply, but it doesn't really make any sense in this context). The executor climbs to the top rope and turns around, so that he is facing the crowd. He then jumps off, doing a one-half backward flip and landing on his opponent. The skilled wrestler can finish this move lying with his chest touching and perpendicular to his opponent's chest, thus in the ideal position to go for a pin immediately after completing the move.

As with any other high-flying move, the moonsault can be rather dangerous if performed incorrectly. Most recently, Kurt Angle broke Hardcore Holly's arm at a WWF taping by landing on Holly's arm with his knee. It looked real ugly.

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