Having seen the curve from both ends, I've got a sneaking suspicion that money is not at all addictive, unless one chooses to make it so. Peace of mind, security, and creature comforts are the sources of addiction. The problem is that one can't really expect a frictionless transaction. Often, the more money exchanged, the more anxiety incurred. However, it is entirely within our grasp to eschew money and still have great big ol' hunks of peace and quiet in our minds. Not only that, but what is more secure than having nothing to lose?

I think that given perfect information about my choices in life, I would have chosen to make less money and have fewer debts and fewer things --- and I could have achieved equal or greater happiness and comfort. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us have to make choices with long-term financial implications before we can possibly understand the truth of those choices. Not only that, but in a rabidly consuming culture, it's nearly impossible to pin down those truths, so clothed are they in slippery advertising and rampant FUD.

But maybe it's unreasonable to expect oneself to give up Starbucks, ABC, O'Reilly, Athlons, Almay, Ethan Allen...in the pursuit of truth, love, and self-realization. After all, one can't give it all up. So why bother?

P.S. That is a challenge to you, not an admission of defeat on my part

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