Mine (v)
        paranoia, the slow and patient
        strong-handed craftsman I always
           wished I was and wanted to be

           his pressure      is reliable    his   timing is       perfect   he is
                                                     --a beautiful thing to watch

                                                       Mine (pn)
                                                   I know, it's an adjective, but it doesn’t feel like it
                                                    when you consider a question like "are my thoughts
                                                   truly mine?" possession is more like an assignment
                                                    than a description, don’t you think? especially
                                                     when it comes to illness

             Mine (n)
          This is the place I will must fall into

           face down     into cold blue dust        waiting

      for all these disappointments
       to slip out                      through my pores,
              all the dizziness,        
                                    the pressure,
           that  it           can    all      just
             the dark floor

                                                    Mine (and not yours)
                                                 Mine is a mind that I will
                                                  not hold you responsible for
                                                 I just need the simple things now,
                                                  something warm to hide with,
                                                   or to hide in, but it's so dark,
                                                   I cannot, I can't, I can't...


October, 2013 (ish)

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