The eight "Your Sanctuary" locations in Earthbound are:

Giant Step - The famed giant footprint near Onett. However, tourist numbers have decreased dramatically since the Titanic Ant made it its territory.

Lilliput Steps - Near Happy Happy Village is the counterpart to the Giant Step, guarded by Mondo Mole.

Milky Well - One of the springs of the Saturn Valley has an intense magical quality. Unfortunately, it's blocked by the Trillionage Sprout.

Rainy Circle - Somewhere in the mountains of Winters, near Stonehenge. Guarded by the fungoid maniac Shrooom!

Magnet Hill - A huge chunk of magnetic metal that's probably shorting out computers in a dozen mile radius. In Fourside, guarded by the Plague Rat of Doom.

Pink Cloud - In a mysterious cave of Dalaam, protected by ancient statues of rabbits and the spirits Thunder & Storm.

Lumine Hall - The bizarre hall between the surface and the Lost Underworld, it is said to reproduce people's thoughts. However, those trying to find it will have to face the guarding Electro Specter.

Fire Spring - A chasm in the ground that constantly spits fiery lava, located somewhere in the Lost Underworld. Some say it's guarded by the Carbon Dog, while others mention also a Diamond Dog.

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