Due to the passing of California Proposition 187 and undoubtedly a few other factors, the majority of illegal immigrants into California can find employment only as a migrant worker, because a job in one location would make it easier for INS officials to catch them and deport them. So, they follow the seasons, going from crop to crop, doing back-breaking work from dawn to dusk. They also have incredibly low pay (well below minimum wage), no health benefits, and if they happen to bring their children with them, the kiddos aren't entitled to education (thus a vicious cycle ensues).

Why would anyone risk the border patrol or INS officials for a job like that? It must be the Household income or consumption by percentage share:lowest 10%: 1.8% highest 10%: 36.6% (1996) beaches and government hand-outs. A problem in the Central Valley that has only recently begun to be addressed many thanks to Cesar Chavez (wouldn't he make a great patron saint:

Transportation to the fields. Usually someone has a big van, and they pick up 10-15 workers in the wee small hours of the morning. If it's winter, there is fog. Car accidents often occur in the fog, creating pile-ups. When these vans full of vibrant human lives happen upon these mishaps, whole van-loads of human beings die, as they don't usually have seatbelts on (safety belts for the Brits out there).

In 2000, immigrants from Mexico made up 20.5 percent of the total legal immigrants into the United States.
Immigration and Ethnic CommunitiesL A Focus on Latinos

Muchas gracias, mis abuelos... porque de ustedes, soy aqui.

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