In the fictional world of Glorantha, metals come from the bones of dead gods. Different pantheons of gods left different kinds of Rune Metals: Iron is made by Dwarves (sapient beings of stone). Dwarves consider all Iron their own, and will try to capture iron whenever they can. Iron is toxic to elves and trolls.
There are also copper and tin, which can be alloyed to make bronze. Bronze can be mined ready-alloyed as well; it is also thought to come from Storm gods. Rune Metals (not bronze, tin, or copper) enhance magical effects related to the element associated with the pantheon whose bones they are: darkness and cold for lead, fire and light for gold. Quicksilver armor does not impede movement in water.
Some RuneQuest GM's allow steel into their campaigns, usually from adventures in worlds other than Glorantha (Middle Earth, in my case). Steel enhances lightning magic.

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