Formerly worn out of necessity, now a fashion item. Worn so you can carry a lot of sh... stuff and keep your hands free. A must for emo kids. Can be a punk accessory when covered with patches and little pins. Usually worn with the strap across the chest.

A new breed of bag has come out where the strap HAS to go over your chest and the bag part is on your back. Don't buy that. That is too trendy. That is the devil.

Messenger bags are to be at the _side_ to prevent things from being stolen. And so you keep your integrity.

  • Oftentimes, if I carry the same amount of heavy stuff in a messenger bag, it feels heavier and causes more lower back pain than if I carried it all in a backpack since the weight isn't distributed as easily. How do bike messengers do it?
  • Forget about keeping that white shirt clean.

  • Ah, I'm so glad messenger bags became trendy. There's nothing quite like the sight of a Grrl's breasts accentuated by the strap of the bag between them.
  • Messenger Bags are more convenient and accessible than backpacks.

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