Mechanists are one of the two main factions within the novel "Schismatrix" and the collection of short stories also based in the same universe (collected in "Schismatrix Plus"), all written by Bruce Sterling.

Mechanists use cybernetics and artificial intelligences to augument themselves (both in quality and quantity of life). They hold the economic advantage over their rivals, the Shapers, having access to great wealth from their superior mining techniques and speed of travel and communications.

Things aren't so black and white however - the Mechanists have a vast variety of differing factions within their philosophies, with a wide variety of people. Everything from simple borg-style mechanical replacement, to more complex things, like one group who spend their entire lives in exoskeletal structures.

See: Shapers, Schismatrix, Bruce Sterling, cyberpunk

Mech"an*ist, n.


A maker of machines; one skilled in mechanics.


One who regards the phenomena of nature as the effects of forces merely mechanical.


© Webster 1913.

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