An awkward condition which some people are simply born with. It refers to the natural talent, if not always the preference, for studying and using mathematics in its various shapes and forms. People with math brains are often misunderstood and shunned by their peers in elementary and high school, seeking solace among others like themselves in academic clubs and honors-level calculus classes.

After high school, they invariably go to a university, where they tend to move into fields like physics and computer science, getting ridiculously good grades and hiring themselves out as tutors for members of the football team. Around this time they discover that there's an entire international subculture for people like them; some embrace it and use it to their advantage, while others discover that they prefer to work in isolation and become bitter, cynical geeks. Most find a point halfway in between, working somewhere where a handful of like-minded friends enjoy 90% of their social interaction.

If you meet someone with a math brain, try not to panic. They're just like you, really -- they just tend to see formulas and logic puzzles everywhere they go, and may not realize you're simply not that interested in them. Nod and smile. Try not to alienate them by running away; these people are invariably eager to help you when it's time to turn in your trigonometry homework or do your taxes. Just don't ever leave them a crummy tip; they can calculate fifteen percent down to the penny before you have a chance to say "Nice seeing you again".

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