A name proposed for element 43, now known as technetium, after its reported discovery in 1925. It was named after Masuria, the region of Poland from which the mazurka is also named. The symbol given was Ma.

Masurium and rhenium were found by a team consisting of Walter Noddack, Ida Tacke (later his wife Ida Noddack-Tacke or Ida Noddack), and Otto Berg, in the X-ray spectra resulting from electron excitation of ores consisting mainly of niobium and platinum but also crucially containing uranium. Rhenium was accepted, since it could be reproduced in quantity, but masurium was not found again. Ida Noddack-Tacke (1896-1979) in 1934 proposed a mechanism by which their apparatus was not merely detecting but actually creating masurium: the first to propose the idea of fission, which in 1937 led to the creation of element 43 in a cyclotron, the claim that was accepted as giving technetium.


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