Manure tea is similar to compost tea in that it is made by soaking manure(compost in the case of compost tea) in water and using the liquid for an organic fertilizer on outdoor plants. Any kind of herbivore manure may be used to make the tea. Waste from dogs and cats does not work well, as the organic content is much lower. It is also best to used aged manure rather than fresh.

To make the tea, you put a shovelful of the manure in a container that is at least 5 gallons in size and has a tight fitting lid. You then cover the manure with water and let it sit for at least a day. The resulting "tea" can then be applied directly around your yard and garden plants as a fertilizer. Be aware, though, that dogs may be inclined to roll in the area where the tea was applied, and the result is a rather smelly dog. New water may be added to the mixture until the potency is gone. This is an excellent and cheap replacement for commercial fish fertilizer.

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