Sometimes also romanized as "mekju," maekju is the Korean word for "beer." As a Canadian living in South Korea, let me be the first to say that Korean beer isn't very good, at least compared to Canadian beer or Irish beer. For one thing, it's all lager. There are no ales in Korea, and the few that advertise themselves as stout are, as far as I can tell, just black-coloured lager. The five most commonly-consumed domestic beers in Korea are:

Hite: By far the most popular. Tastes like Budweiser or something. In other words, pretty much flavourless. There's also Hite Stout, but as I said, the only difference is the colour.

OB Lager: My personal favorite, tastes something like a low-to-mid-quality Canadian lager, like Blue, or Black Label.

Cass: I should like this one more, since it's actually got more flavour than most of the others, but there's something about it that I don't like. I can't put my finger on it.

Cafri: Similar to Cass, but a little bit better. I haven't had it often enough to finalize my opinion, since the store beside my house doesn't have it.

Red Dog: The only reddish-brown beer here. Even more flavourless than Hite.

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